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Doge Lumens NFT Store

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What is a NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is a type of tradable digital asset stored on a blockchain. These digital assets can be bought, sold and traded between cryptocurrency wallets.

Doge Lumens NFT digital asset is a new and unique economical foundation for a better ecosystem based on NFT utility. Doge Lumens reserve is using every nft sold to provide liquidity for the dxlm/xlm market. The distribution of the NFT is done by the Doge Lumens reserve asset holding and it is instructed to only accept an equal or higher offer bid. Every token that is generated by the sell of a NFT is used to boost Doge Lumens liquidity pool. Users can buy and collect Doge Lumens NFT and grow their holding to store value. Users can mint their own nft at very low cost and participate in the ecosystem as creator. The NFT market on the Stellar blockchain is very efficient and cheap to use.

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